Our Vision

Developing our vision isn’t to be found in a textbook or by adopting another company’s vision. Vision comes from “within our heart,”. Our team admit that when it comes to a vision for our company, it’s a “heart thing.” In other words, it’s what our heart leads us to believe is possible for our company to achieve, not being handcuffed by hurdles.

Developing our vision is not be tied to some hard number such as perfect revenue or profit margins. While we want to drive revenue and realize higher profits, vision isn’t necessarily financial. Vision is where we want to see our company in terms of culture, market dominance, reputation and customer satisfaction and we strongly believe in that.

We are an organization that specializes in design, engineering, project management and construction. We do Tenant Improvements, Design Build, Midrise/Highrise, Retail, Campus-Road type projects, or state-of-the-art custom facilities.

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Our Core Values


We strive for excellence in quality, and we continuously innovate, utilizing advanced technologies.


We insist on mutual respect, cooperation and mutual encouragement to achieve each individual’s potential.


We act with reliability, honesty and fairness.


We are fully dedicated to delivering our objectives through the most efficient use of resources.


We are committed to safeguarding all stakeholders especially the health and safety of our employees, society and the environment.


We are fully accountable for carrying out our responsibilities to the values and principles of AECC.


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